Interested in joining the SEAS family? 

We are looking for confident staff with the drive to do the best for our patients, their families and loved ones. You will be part of a team that cares for its customers and enjoys to deliver the best service (both medical & customer related) during our 24 hour operations. We need you to be charged by the opportunity to work directly with our functional teams, patients, families and clients. Finally, we recognise that people come from all walks of life and have different backgrounds. We recognise diversity. As such, we are open to career seekers from all educational and medical qualifications, as well as age, race and religion. In view of these, you must have these attributes and demonstrate your aptitude during our interaction with you:

  • Confidence: Be firm, Be professional 
  • Service Oriented: Patients & Customer first. 
  • Willing to Learn: Training provided by us, but you must be willing to learn!
  • Clear Communicator: Speak clearly so we understand you the very first time. So that our patients know what you are doing during medical treatment. So that the customers and members of the public know that you have ability and control over your medical services.

We hire all year round and if think you have what it takes, give us a call at 6100 6995. 

Do let the operator know that “your call is not an emergency” and we will handle it accordingly. (We may divert your call to one of the other telephone lines)

We wish you the best in your interviews!